Behind the moo

The idea behind EmeraldMoo pretty simple. It is supposed to be a gathering place for thinking and creative people.
Now you would ask what I would want to gather thinking and creative people for... Well there are 3 reasons I can think about.

First I know how much the world hates creative thinking people, they are usually considered flying weirdos and not many people like to be around them. Many of them need to give up their creative thinking in order to get along in life,even while paying the price of losing a part of themselves. Having one place where they could be themselves...well I know I always wanted to find a place like that.

The second reason is plain fun. Yea I do consider that as a heavy weighing reason.

The third reason is what makes it so hard to write. It was always my dream to change the world. Every goverment system we tried, every economic or religious system we tried, they all failed for the same reason. Not because it sucked but because people are egoistic scared power freaks. I want to change the people and make them more caring, more creative, more willing to learn, and of course more spiritual.

Before I would explain this, I need to tell a bit about myself so it would make any sense. First of all I believe in spirtual development of the human race, Second of all, I believe in God (I am a relgious jew) and I am also a practicing new ager (such as seeing auras ,spiritual traveling and yoga).
Besides that, I'm a sci-fi/fantasy/science freak, and I believe in the freedom of information. I also believe that a lot of people prefer to shut their eyes and let others run the show, and that this is reponsible for a lot of our troubles these days. While science is really developped, normal people don't seem to know much about it. This is why I want the moo to be a place to learn in, as well as a place to play in.

I want to make this moo a source of knowledge of different subjects, explaining scientific ideas in in simple words that everyone can understand. And I want it to be a spiritual database, but that is kept to until when the moo would be operational.